Where is the love?

In modern times, you would consider the most atrocious scenarios of horror to be the acts of war and violence between nations. Unfortunately, serious problems are sometimes overlooked that are facing countries at their own inner core. Uyghurs in China (particularly Xinjiang), are being taken from their homes and families to facilities that are known as “education centers.”

According to the Chinese government, these centers are implemented for people that they believe need training in the laws and culture of the nation, as well as to learn the language of Mandarin. In addition, individuals that have had run-ins with the law are sought out to be rehabilitated. Aside from the fact that the government should not mandate this type of thing by implementing absurd training camps, it is certainly not permissible that they take humans out of their everyday lives and leave them in isolation in hopes of “bettering” them educationally. The most ironic part in the coverup of their misdoing is the mere fact that they have taken individuals such as Dr. Gulshan Abbas to one of these sites. Not only is she the perfect case of someone that does not need any further education as she has ample with a Doctors degree and clear fluency of the Mandarin language, she has also been a law abiding Chinese resident for all her life. Now missing for over a year, Dr. Abbas might very well have been taken for the sole purpose of intimidating others to “keep quiet” about the torture that the Chinese government is inflicting on their own residents. You see, Dr. Abbas’ sister, Rushan Abbas, had been speaking out in Washington D.C. about the disaster her country is exposing just weeks before Gulshan mysteriously disappeared. Weird coincidence, right?

Now, it is time to help get the secret out about the disappearance of not only Dr. Gulshan Abbas, but the many Uyghurs being detained in these camps currently. Help spread the word by sharing posts, using useful hashtags so more people can find articles related to the issue ( i.e. #MeTooUyghur, #freetheuyghurs, #uyghurawareness, #freedrgulshanabbas), and speaking with the people around you that may not be informed on this issue. Together, we can let the Chinese government know that we are aware of their unethical actions and get our loved ones back to where they belong.