This & That

So… on my last post I promised I would update if there is any development. Well, not much of that… Still waiting… But hopefully things are moving to the right direction.

Let’s talk about some other things happened in the last couple weeks.

U.S responses to the Uyghur Crisis

Have you read about the 28 Chinese companies blacklisted by Department Of Commerce and Visa restrictions on China ? READ!

The Letter Campaign

It is going very well. I, sincerely would like to thank Max Gelber @MaxGelber4 for kickstarting the campaign by writing to FLOTUS, Sec of State and his congress reps. His tireless effort to advocate for #Uyghurs are truly inspiring. Thank you,Max!

The Video from Urumqi

So there was a video released this week by Shahitbiz @shahitbiz. Hanna, a brave lady from Germany, which I don’t know personally, went to my mom’s house on 9/11/2019 to see if she can get some answers. But only to find out the door was sealed by police. This is the very first information we got about her since her disappearance last September. After seeing the video, the emotions I’ve been deliberately suppressing came out of nowhere. I felt like the hole that I’ve been trying to crawl out of is sucking me in again… That house once was filled with laughter of the grandkids, chit-chat of relatives and friends. It was a joyful place, our safe haven… But now, it’s destroyed by #CCP, FOR NOTHING!

Those agonizing questions went thru my head again… Where are you, mom? How are you? Have you eaten? Are you well? We miss you dearly! Hang in there…

Kiss your loved ones, hug them… cherish every single second with them because no ones knows what will happen tomorrow… Good Night, My Dears… ❤️