It’s been a year…

Exactly on year ago today, we lost contact with my mom, Dr.Gulshan Abbas. On the night of the 10th, we talked as usual, I sent her picture of my daughter sleeping. Just like always, she said ” you rest too when baby is sleeping…” We talked briefly and said our goodbyes. I never ever thought that this will be the last time.. I wonder if she sensed it will be her last?

I’m sitting here, with a heavy heart, trying hard to remember the last bit of the conversation we had, hoping that she is ok where ever she is right now and praying that she could stay strong for us, her daughters, grandkids, her brothers and her sister, all the others who loved her dearly..

All of us are trying so hard to find answers to those endless questions, seek comfort by doing every little thing that we are able to do but it yielded no results. 

My pleading emails and requests for meeting have gotten me nowhere. I’m not sure why we’re being ignored, or if my emails are even getting through to the intended people. I’m angry and I feel helpless. I’m disappointed but do they care? No. I’m exhausted but now is not the time to give up. My mother’s well being, her life, depends on our determination.

Just like my good friend Jen said once ” squeaky wheel gets the grease!” I have to try harder. Right now, I have nothing to lose, or maybe everything to lose…

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Please keep her in your prayers for her soon return to reunite with us.