Get Involved

Please join our #FreeDrGulshanAbbas campaign! To get involved, you can…

Spread awareness

  • Send a letter ( I posted a sample letter below, feel free to use it! ) to the Chinese Embassy in your country inquiring about the whereabouts of my mom and ask for her release. More letters they receive, the better!
  • Write to your local government, State Department, and White House, ask to get involved finding Dr.Gulshan Abbas.
  • Help raise awareness by using the following hashtags (#) on all social media outlets… the more shares, the more awareness!
    • #FreeDrGulshanAbbas
    • #WhereIsGulshanAbbas
    • #MeTooUyghur
    • #CloseTheCamps

Donate to the cause

Here is a sample letter to Chinese Embassy in your country.

To Whom It May Concern, 

We are writing in regards to Dr. Gulshan Abbas, who was taken to one of the “ Re-Education Centers” in Urumqi, Xinjiang since 9/11/2018. There are no information about her since then. 

Dr. Gulshan Abbas, 57 years old, a well-educated, retired medical doctor and a law abiding citizen. She does not need any vocational training nor is she capable of committing any crimes. 

Here, we kindly request the Embassy of People’s Republic of China to help secure her immediate release from the re-education camp! 

Her full information 

Gulixian Abasi ( Dr.Gulshan Abbas)
Chinese ID #- 650103196206122322
Passport #- E23022399
Home Address- Wulumuqi Shi ( Urumchi) Sheng Li Road, No.318 Third Floor, unit 302. 

Phone – 13999880877
Work-Xinjiang Oil Field Company MingYuan Workers Hospital ( Retired)