Friday Thoughts

This morning, I was getting ready for work, looking at my closet trying to pick an outfit. Suddenly she was in my mind again…

This was when she visited us in 2016, she was talking on the phone with someone ( I think it was my aunt) then she goes “every morning she ( meant me) goes to her closet, stares at her clothes, trying to figure out what to wear. it’s a struggle, she got to spend at least 20 mins just staring at clothes although she has closet full of clothes…” then she looked at me and chuckled. Then I said ” you know me too well, Mom…”

Ugh…I miss her so much……. and yes, I found what want to wear and left for work.

Everywhere I look in this apartment is a reminder of her… the Kitchen, the baby room ( that’s where she stayed while she was over), the living room… It’s been over a year, each day passes by it feels like she is slipping further away from us. 

I will be working on few projects over the weekend that involves writing. Just wanted to tackle different angles… So we’ll see what happens.