My name is Ziba Murat. I am a mother, wife and daughter to Gulshan Abbas, a kind and caring, retired medical doctor who is one of many Uyghurs unjustly detained in China’s “Re-Education” camps. I am a first-generation immigrant from Urumqi, Xinjiang who came to the United States in 2005. My sister later joined me in 2013.

Our mother has not been so lucky. She had to stay behind to care for the older generation in our family and subsequently lost her passport to the Chinese authorities. On September 11, 2018, our life changed forever. We lost all contact with my mother and have since been on a mission to find out her whereabouts and ensure her safety. We believe in response to my aunt Rushan Abbas’s activism here in the U.S. that shed light on the atrocities being committed, my mother has now disappeared into internment camp with absolutely no communication to even know the state of her wellbeing. 

We have encountered a series of dead ends in our attempts to locate her. The Chinese embassy have failed to return any letters or emails. The waiting and hoping seems endless. I can no longer sit by and wait idly while my mother and millions more suffer persecution. 

Right now, while working closely with U.S Senators and State Department, the most we can do is to raise awareness about her case in the attempt to free her from the camp. Your support on our GoFundMe page will go a long way, where every dollar will bring us one step closer to her. You can also help us by raising our voices together to create a strong online presence that cannot be ignored. Every post and share will make a difference!

Spread awareness about her captivity by using the hashtags #FreeDrGulshanAbbas, #MeTooUyghur

Our search and release efforts for my mother are in partnership with the non-profit organizations Campaign for Uyghurs and Uyghur Aid. These charities are working tirelessly to bring the plight of the Uyghur people into mainstream media, and above all, to help loved ones like myself locate their lost family members.

My sister and I pray for nothing more than my mother to finally have the opportunity to meet her granddaughters. They are the light of our world that keeps our hope alive to one day unite them with their grandmother.