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  • Write to your local government, State Department, and White House, ask to get involved finding Dr.Gulshan Abbas.

Sample letter to Chinese Embassy in your country

I am writing to express my concern about Gulshan Abbas (古丽先.阿巴斯), a retired Uyghur doctor who went missing in Urumqi and has not been seen or heard from since 10 September 2018.

As some relatives of Gulshan Abbas told her family at the end of 2018 that she was “studying”, it was thought that Gulshan Abbas might have been sent to a “transformation-through-education” facility. However, after more than 20 months, no official information about the whereabouts of Gulshan Abbas has been shared with her family.

I find it very troubling to also learn that Gulshan Abbas has undergone surgery on both her eyes and suffers from multiple chronic diseases including high blood pressure, back pain and severe recurring migraines. It is therefore of critical importance that she receives regular and adequate medical care.

Without any information about her condition or whereabouts, I am gravely concerned for Gulshan Abbas’ wellbeing and therefore urge you to:

 Release Gulshan Abbas unless there is sufficient, credible and admissible evidence that she committed an internationally recognized offence and is granted a fair trial in line with international standards;

 Pending her release, disclose Gulshan Abbas’ whereabouts, allow her access to her family, a lawyer of her choice as well as prompt and adequate medical care, as necessary or requested, and ensure she is not subjected to torture and other ill-treatment.

Yours sincerely,

Your name

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Full Information of Dr. Gulshan Abbas

Gulixian Abasi ( Gulshan Abbas)
Chinese ID #- 650103196206122322
Passport #- E23022399
Home Address- Wulumuqi Shi ( Urumchi) Sheng Li Road, No.318 Third Floor, unit 302. 
Work-Xinjiang Oil Field Company MingYuan Workers Hospital ( Retired)